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Low GI Brown Rice [4x500g]

Pride of Singapore

We are The Little Red Dot's very own rice grower - it is hard work and we take pride in it. One day, we hope you will be proud of us too.


From Seed to Harvest to Table

We start with the best by using our proprietary non-GMO rice seeds and with tender loving care at every stage to deliver this high-quality product into your hands. Our brown rice will surprise you with its soft and fluffy texture, unlike any brown rice you might have tried. If you like your rice white, try our brown.


Low GI 46

Food with a GI value under 55 out of 100 is considered "Low GI". Our brown rice was tested at the Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU), a Singapore Accreditation Council approved facility, with a value of 46; making it one of the lowest GI rice globally.


Foods that cause a rapid rise in blood glucose have higher GI values while those causing a gradual rise in blood glucose have lower GI values.


Why Low GI?

According to Ministry Of Health (MOH), 1 in 3 Singaporeans is at risk of developing diabetes in their lifetime.

Over 450,000 Singaporeans live with Diabetes.


To quote HealthHub.SG: "Eating too much high GI foods causes repeated spikes in your blood glucose. Studies show that this can lead to an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and colorectal cancer. For persons with diabetes, eating low GI foods helps to control blood glucose levels and improve weight loss" 

Spread the good word with someone you love who will benefit from eating our rice.

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    The Little Rice Company brings quality rice to consumers at affordable prices through responsible farming from seed to harvest - a brand by Golden Sunland.

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