Dream big with us, one pack of rice at a time.

[Rice Subscription] Low GI Wholegrain Brown Rice - 2 X 2kg

[Rice Subscription] Low GI Wholegrain Brown Rice - 2 X 2kg


Ready to receive grain goodness? Get great tasting, nutrition-packed wholegrain brown rice delivered right to your doorstep. Your every purchase improves farmers' financial freedom so they can build futures of their choice.


  • Receive 2 X 2kg pack each month (Total 4KG)
  • FREE delivery
  • Never worry about running out of rice
  • Low GI 46 wholegrain rice - feel energized throughout the day
  • Cancel anytime (but why would you want to?)


Thank you for partnering with us and reimagining a future where smallholder farmers rightfully earn what they deserve, where their families have equal opportunities to lead thriving lives, where the global rice industry adopts climate-friendly growing practices, and where consumers can gather around the meal table with delicious, nutritious rice for generations to come. 

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$19.50monthly/ auto-renew
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