Rice Is Life!

  • #LocalFavourite - Hainanese Chicken Brown Rice

    Yes, this brown rice version tastes just as good and flavourful as the usual chicken rice we all love at our favourite hawker stalls. Our golden brown rice makes every bowl even more aromatic - a national treasure indeed!

    3 Servings

  • #LocalFavourite - Sizzling Claypot Brown Rice

    When it crackles and pops, you know it'll be good! Our brown rice crisps up beautifully in another local delight - claypot rice. Fuss-free to make, this dish is as comforting as it is delicious.

    2.5 Hours

    4 Servings

  • #LocalFavourite - Nasi Goreng

    We took a local favourite today and gave it a more nutritious spin using our brown rice! Texture remained just as fluffy and with every grain coated in the sumptuous kecap manis sauce, this brought us back to the good ol' kampung days indeed.

    35 Minutes

    3 Servings

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