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We sell wholegrain rice from farm-to-table, fresh from Myanmar fields.

Get great tasting, nutrition-packed rice delivered straight to your homes.

Your every purchase improves farmers' financial freedom so they can build

futures of their choice.



Quality From Seed To Table


Fuss-Free Grain Goodness


Here's Why Your Purchase Matters:

5 Subscribers For 6 Months


Enable Farmers to Grow

1 Hectare of Rice  

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1 Hectare of Rice


Profits of $150 to $950USD

This means that your purchase helps farmers earn 25% to 300% more than

their current average earnings of $2 a day.


Better For You

At GI 46, our rice is the lowest GI wholegrain available, making it ideal for regulating blood glucose levels and keeping you fuller for longer.

Higher than average levels of 9.2g protein and 167mg potassium, 1 serving of our low GI rice fulfills 200% of your daily wholegrain requirement.


Better For Farmers

Through our paddy buyback scheme, every pack of rice you purchase goes into providing farmers what they need to grow high-yield rice on least 1 hectare of land.


At the end of each season, we buy back the farmers to guarantee them stable and strong profits. 


Better For Our Planet

Rice production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2018, we've lowered the carbon footprint from 5.8KG CO2/KG of rice to 1.16KG CO2/KG of rice.

This shows that climate-friendly rice growing is possible, and we're just getting started (: 

What Are We Really Paying

For The Rice On Our Plates?

Throughout history, majority of farmers have been poor.  Why has this continued decade after decade?


We're becoming more aware of what goes into the food we feed ourselves and families as well as where it comes from. Besides who grows our food, how they are grown matters more than ever. Chemicals being pumped into crops have become normalized. This may lead to health issues and we may unknowingly become complicit in keeping farmers trapped in the cycle of poverty. 

But it doesn't have to keep being this way - you can change this narrative of exploitation. 


Meet U Khin Mg Myint

IMG_3571 (1).jpg

 With a 30% increase in profits, he can now invest in:

Better Quality Harvests

His Children's


Higher Nutrition Food

Directly lifting his income and saving levels,

so U Khin Mg Myint and his family now have opportunities to create

a future out of choice and not necessity.

Better Rice, Better Lives

At the little rice company, we grow rice with our unique farm to table model from small holder farms in Myanmar to your dining table, ensuring the best quality product for our consumers as well as making sure that the farmers get the support they need to make more money, be debt free and even allow their children to go to school.

We share a common desire to be more aware of what we eat as well as be aware of the impact our consumption has on the environment and in the production. The problem is, when we buy our food from stores, there is often little indication of how the  product is produced or whether it is indeed good for our bodies. We believe that we can be responsible consumers  while eating verifiably nutritious food. Being parents ourselves, we understand the desire to give our children the best. That is why when we founded The Little Rice Company, we decided to obsess over every step of rice production, starting from seed to production and processing, all the way to the moment you receive your rice. 


Our farmers used to slave for months without a guarantee of making enough to cover cost. We provide seed, support and have a guaranteed buyback system so they can be sure that whatever they produce, they can receive fair market rate for his effort. 

Your partnership can help us achieve our goals. All you need to do is click below and sign up for The Little Rice subscription program and we will send you 1 or 2 packs a month, direct to your doorstep at a price comparable to buying at the supermarket. Every bag of rice we sell represents naturally nutritious goodness for you, fair and stable profits for our farmers and the opportunity to steward climate-friendly rice practices. Stop being uncertain about your food and join us to provide better rice for you and better lives for our farmers!

TLRC - Logo (Red-White w Transparent bac

With Big Dreams

We can only dream big with the support of consumers like yourselves who believe in the impact of our work.


Thank you for reimagining a future with us where smallholder farmers rightfully earn what they deserve, where their families have equal opportunities to lead thriving lives, where the global rice industry adopts climate-friendly growing practices, and where consumers can gather around the meal table with delicious, nutritious rice for generations to come. 

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