The Little Rice Company is Singapore's first hybrid rice growers using our own proprietary variety. We bring you tasty, highly versatile, and certified Low GI brown rice! We are proud to partner our retailers and eateries, improving your taste and health!

Uniquely Singapore Rice 

The First Brown Rice Certified 

Low GI (46) in Singapore

Chan W.P, 75

I use the Abbot FreeStyle Libre (glucose monitoring) sensor. Every meal before I eat and 1 hour after I eat, I check. It does not shoot up as much as other white rice. Simple as that.

Cher Hon


Sam Lee, 23

With TLRC low GI rice, I do not get food coma after eating one portion of it for lunch. 

Woon Hian, 25

After I started to eat TLRC low GI rice, my stomach does not feel bloated for the entire day. I am able to stay focus during work without feeling uncomfortable for the day.”

Pei Ting, 17

Good, much better than normal rice.

Brown Rice That Actually Tastes Good?

Who would have known?

Tasty. Easy. Fun.

It really can do anything

Skeptical? Hear us out first! Our brown rice requires minimal washing, no soaking, and cooks fast just like white rice in a rice cooker. Finally, brown rice that can replace white rice!

Still don't believe us? We have done up risotto, chicken rice, fried rice, meat don, and more. Our rice adapts to you.

The Little Rice Company, a Singapore-based company, runs the entire value chain — from seeding to transplanting, from growing to harvesting, from milling to packaging, and from exporting to marketing. This allows us to collaborate with researchers, empower farmers, and safeguard quality and food safety for all who love our rice.

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The Little Rice Company brings quality rice to consumers at affordable prices through responsible farming from seed to harvest - a brand by Golden Sunland.

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