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Easy Rice Cooker Series, Recipe 1: Jasmine Tea Rice

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Rice is a staple for many parts of Asia. In East Asian cultures, rice cookers are a necessary appliance in the household for automating the cooking process of rice. With rice cookers, the process simply requires one to rinse the rice, add a proportion of water, and press a button.

In this recipe series, we'd like to highlight the versatility of our proprietary brown rice. It's not just Low GI or tasty on its own. It's also highly versatile and easy to cook with. This is especially true for those with a rice cooker.

Jasmine tea increases our resting metabolic rate, lowers LDL cholesterol oxidation, lowers blood glucose, benefits the skin, and more.

Yes, this is Jasmine tea-infused rice.


  1. Jasmine Teabag, x1

  2. The Little Rice Company brown rice, 200g

  3. Water, 500ml


  1. Rinse rice.

  2. Add rice, water, and teabag into pot.

  3. Press the "white rice" mode to cook our special brown rice!

And that's it!

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