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Easy Rice Cooker Series, Recipe 2: Chamomile Tea Rice

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Last post, we showed you how easy it was to make tea-infused rice with a rice cooker. Well, this is pretty much the same, but now with Chamomile tea!

Chamomile is known to reduce anxiety and helps us sleep better thus we recommend infusing your rice with chamomile tea for dinner. Besides getting quality sleep, chamomile tea also has anti-inflammation properties, anti-oxidants, it lowers blood sugar levels, and helps reduce stress, allergic response, and more.

For chamomile, you may be inclined to add two teabags this round, but just one teabag still provides a fragrance without overpowering your side dishes.

Looks like Jasmine Tea rice, but it's Chamomile. For real.


  1. Camomile Teabag, x1

  2. The Little Rice Company brown rice, 200g

  3. Water, 500ml


  1. Rinse rice.

  2. Add rice, water, and teabag into pot.

  3. Press the "white rice" mode to cook our special brown rice!

  4. And that's it!

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